It turns out they use WhatsApp at the North Pole!

It's a good job Santa doesn't use email because the spam filters would have had a field day on this one - a message from the ruby cloaked one himself!

It actually took a minute after the app on my phone pinged to realise who this actually was: Nic?! Do I know a Nic? Anyway I accepted the message request and what I read left me nearly speechless.

What with the polar ice-caps melting there's a great deal of concern in the far North about environmental matters. They are fully behind the idea of sustainable furniture and repurposing resources wherever possible.

So the big question was whether Pallet Earth could step in and ensure he'd have something to sit on made from recycled timber when visiting children in the U.K.? Well, to date we've been flat out producing thrones for grottos from Tynemouth and Teesside to Ealing and Exeter.

Our throne is made mainly from pallet wood with a reclaimed fencepost at each corner. It's already been used by brides and grooms, storytellers and even a king (Henry V in Shakespeare performances at Stratford upon Avon). So it's ideal for the big man himself. At least we know we won't be on the naughty list this year!