It's time to forget flatpack!

Does anyone actually enjoy spreading out all the pieces of their new bookcase or desk on the floor to try and figure out which bits are which? All those weird screws and bits that all look the same. Of course there's the hassle of what do to if something is missing. Then the instructions . . . 27 different languages and all you need is the English (Alanis Morrisette didn't mention that one did she?!) Oh, and have I mentioned the prominent corner where the veneer has snapped off?

So let's say you get it constructed eventually and the weird diagram on page 11 that you couldn't decipher wasn't important after all. You can now store and display your stuff on something matching the living rooms of half your neighbourhood. The shelves are all at uniform height and on one side there's a gap that can't be used for anything very much.

There is of course another way. We make our towers deliberately tall and narrow to fit many different corners in many different rooms. Even in the name we offer the choice of configuration for books, DVDs, CDs or a combination. But as we make to order you can have a much wider range of options. We've recently provided customers with towers for OS Maps, PlayStation games and many other media. For a small extra charge we can also provide a bespoke width bookcase.

By using reclaimed timber you have a solid, natural material in your unit with the natural features that make every piece unique. The marks of its previous use add further character. Last but by no means least you know you are doing your bit for the environment by saving timber that would otherwise go to waste.

We believe it's far better to have something unique and personal in your home. If you like what we do, share this blog and spread the awareness of using wood wisely and not putting up with a one-size fits all approach to furniture.