Garden Planters


These sturdy and rustic planters are all made from reclaimed timber such as pallets and packing crates. We offer four main sizes but can discuss bespoke orders too. 

Due to the reclaimed nature of the timber, no two planters will be the same as there will be variation in the colour, thickness and bark on the wood.

For an extra £10 we can use a dark protective stain (see middle photograph).

Dimensions are approximately:

Square - 66cms long, 66cms deep, 66cms tall
Long & low - 125cms long, 45cms deep, 39cms tall
Medium - 1m long, 52cms deep, 52cms tall
Large - 1m long, 52cms deep, 66cms tall

Order more than one for great savings on delivery! Also, get in touch especially if you are in North East England, Yorkshire, Cumbria or Southern Scotland as we can offer special rates for delivery.
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