Storytelling Throne Chair


This elegant throne never fails to attract attention indoors or outside. Due to the materials used each one is unique. We make these using 100% recycled wood - mostly a combination of pallets and fenceposts.

Many of our thrones are put to great use by schools and nurseries across the British Isles as a storytelling chair. They have a proven record of inspiring young people's imagination and creativity. For some schools the throne chair has just been the start; we have gone on to work with them to add further features for a Forest Area, Enchanted Garden, Story Corner or other environment for learning outside the classroom.

The inspiration of the throne comes from seeing how the Dumbledore Throne in the Hogwarts Great Hall seems to be based on the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey (sometimes referred to as 'King David's Throne'). The design of this has been to make best use of the recycled wood but the effect is still grand.

Other customers have used Pallet Earth thrones for a number of purposes, including on stage in performances of Shakespeare's Henry V, as bride and groom thrones at wedding receptions, as Santa's chair in his grottos or just as a patio or garden chair at home.

Approximate dimensions:

• 30 inches wide
• 21 inches deep
• 69 inches high

Please note that due to the nature of the timber we use it will retain a rustic look - including natural features of the wood and marks of its previous use (such as nail holes etc.). For use in a school or other learning environment we will sand the seat and back further and round of the spikes at the back if requested.

Various forms of personalisation are possible (see photos for examples) including a dark stain, a badge or symbol, pyrographed date or names and even painting this the colours of your favourite football team! Please get in touch to discuss your preference.